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Little News

Whilst there are no current exhibitions planned, all of my recent project portfolios are available for viewing at the Gallery. As well as a significant amount of non project, individual images. All of which are available for sale. I am working on how best to offer a derived, small edition, print service, but have yet to find the best method of doing so. As with much of my work, it wont happen quickly.

Projects include :

A Different Palette - Charleston Polaroids. 

Documenting the unseen side of Charleston Farmhouse during its mothball period. 

Looking for light - The road to Vallombrosa.

Documenting a three month, primarily nightime, journey through the woods of the Vallombrosa forests in Tuscany. 

Secure the shadow - Venice night.

Documenting the empty alleys and lanes of hidden Venice at night.

When the wind blows / Drift.

Documenting the abandoned diamond mine of Kolmanskopp in the Namibian desert.

This is where the bottle lands. 

Documenting my view of Birling Gap, my go to escape place.

If you feel it, you will see it.

Documenting the exceptionally uncomfortbale Laughton Woods, in the dark, obviously.

It's just a gate.

An ongoing project, of nearly ten years, wandering around fields, vinyards, olive groves, forests, and ocasionally gardens, from Devon to Cumbria to Tuscany and South Africa, documenting........Gates.