Determinedly different...

Mike Hoban's work and modus operandi are intriguing. Determinedly different, he specialises in expired film photography and darkness - hence Polaroids of Namibian mines, spooky alleyways in Venice and a ghostly out of season Charleston. Is this an antidote to the many years Hoban was the official photographer at Glyndebourne? Is it cocking a snook at the modern world?
The intelligent and articulate ABOUT essay on his site suggests there is far more depth and intelligence at work here. He's treading his own path now.


- John May - Author, Journalist, Activist, Musician, Archivist

Stunning and expressive...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us. They are stunning and expressive - evoking feelings and thoughts - but also wanting to see and experience something new and unknown - with I feel your work brings. Looking forward to seeing your work on gallery walls.

- Neeta Pederson - Artist and Director of The Star Brewery Gallery, Lewes.