A Different Palette - Charleston Polaroids

Nothing has really happened until it has been recorded - Virginia Woolf.

Charleston Farmhouse, in the bucolic Sussex countryside, was the home of the of artists, writers and intellectuals, The Bloomsbury Group, known for their bohemian lifestyle, deeply creative and artistic output and often complex personal lives. Photographed on expired Polaroid film, over two visits whilst the house was closed to the public, Mike Hoban has created a unique set of images that are at the same time delicate but powerful, inviting but restrained, gentle but disturbing. The viewer is forced to look deep into the images rather than at them, not only because of their literal and implied darkness, but because they are so far removed from the often portrayed imagery commonly associated with the Charleston palette. Using only the minimum available, and natural light, the series of images invites a view of Charleston few will see or be able to relate to. Accordingly they toy with the senses in such a way as to lead the viewer to a place that perhaps they would rather not go and which is far removed from the peaceful and inspiring place that is Charleston Farmhouse today.

First Exhibited 21st April 2015 - 4th May 2015 at The Chelsea Arts Club, 143 Old Church Street, London.


The full set of 18 unique exhibited images, all shown here. Framed to museum standards with archival mount board and UV glass - P.O.A . The framed Polaroids, exhibited, are not available individually.

In addition to the full set of framed Polaroids, there are further, unique, Polaroids from the exhibited series available, unframed, presented mounted, on museum standard archival board and in a Secol archival sleeve.

Image 1 - Unique T54 Polaroid - only available in the exhibited full set. Not available individually.

Images 2 to 6 inc. - 2 additional unique T54 Polaroids available - £7500.00 each.

Images 7 to 18 inc. - 2 additional unique T664 Polaroids available - £4500.00 each.

The Polaroid formats used here produce a truly unique photograph. The nature of the expired film used in this series, means there will be slight, but often imperceptible differences between the prints.